TV Show Tracker Web Application

I've been working on an online application built in CakePHP to track the TV Shows I watch. I wanted an easy way of adding Shows and then once I've watched an episode the ability to mark it as seen. The app was finally launched last week and if you're an avid TV Show watcher as I am then get registering and check out my TV Show Tracker.

TV Show Tracker by Double Ace Design

One of the major features that I wanted from the initial planning stages is for the application to be accessible from mobile devices such as the iPhone & iPad so that I could mark watched episodes straight from the sofa. This has been accomplished and the app is really easy to use on any device.

As previously mentioned the app is built using CakePHP which is a rapid application framework for PHP which allows developers to get up and running very quickly. Ajax is used quite heavily throughout the site from marking episodes to ticking off entire seasons to make the app feel snappy and responsive and cut down on page loading times which helps on mobile devices.

Be sure to check out the TV Show Tracker application and register for free so that you can start to track your favorite TV Shows from any device.