iPhone, iPad & Mobile optimised websites

If you're viewing this site on an iPhone or an iPad you will be seeing a version that has been optimised specifically for the device. This should also hold true for other mobile devices (however I've been unable to test these I've only have an iPhone & iPad) by using a technique called Responsive Web Design.

Optimised for iPad & iPhone Websites

The purpose of this technique as the name suggests is to have a responsive website that will change and adapt no matter what device you're using including changes for landscape & portrait views. The term is quite a buzzword at the moment and uses new CSS3 specific queries to target devices based on their width. If you resize your browser and reload the page you can see this in action.

When viewing most websites on mobile devices you usually have to zoom in to the specific area you're reading because the site works in exactly the same way as if you were viewing it on your computer except that the screen is much much smaller. Existing sites can be modified for mobile devices so if you're interested in such a service please get in touch now to see what's involved.

If you would like your website or web application to be optimised for mobile devices then don't hesitate to contact me directly via email for a quick chat about how I can help your site.