DSP Chartered Surveyors Website Launch

Double Ace Design is proud to present the latest website for a Chartered Building Surveyors company based in Bolton. The website launched this week and was a considerable project compared with the 1 page site that previously existed. Feel free to visit the site and have a look around: DSP Chartered Surveyors

DSP Website Screenshot

One of the requirements was to build the site using modern web design techniques to progressively enhance the site for browsers that are capable. The site uses new CSS3 rules to improve the look & feel of the site for browsers that support it. The site was also built to be responsive depending on the device, view the site on a mobile phone or tablet device and the design changes to fully make use of the available space.

The site is built using static HTML/CSS to ensure that it's very fast when loading with just a sprinkle of PHP to help with templating and for the online contact form. Be sure to check out the site and have a good look round and if you're in the Bolton area or North West England and in need of a Chartered Building Surveyor then consider using them as they're extremely professional and very good value for money.