Double Ace Design website & blog launched

The Double Ace Design website was successfully launched a few weeks ago and I've updated it to include a company blog so that the site can be updated more frequently with the latest company news and other web related topics.

Double Ace Design Website Front Page

Traffic has been slow and steady as expected and I'm using Google Analytics to track site visitors and a relatively new service called Gaug.es that tracks visitors in real time which is extremely useful. It is a paid for service but it's superb at seeing who is currently on your website, where they came from and what's currently popular.

I've designed the site with SEO in mind and I've been using Google Webmaster tools to keep track of keywords etc and it'll be a good test bed to see how the different techniques make a difference in the land of Search Engines. I will also aim to do some PPC advertising to get new visitors to the site and will possibly post about the results in a later article.

The graphics on the site are quite stunning, suitable images were quite a chore to find and so here are the original locations with full credit to their authors & sources:

If after looking at the services page you think I can help you with anything web related then contact me directly by emailing james@doubleacedesign.co.uk