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The very latest updates and articles from Double Ace Design


DSP Chartered Surveyors Website Launch

Double Ace Design is proud to present the latest website for a Chartered Building Surveyors company based in Bolton. The website launched this week and was a considerable project compared with the 1 page site that previously existed. Feel free to visit the site and have a look around: DSP Chartered Surveyors

DSP Website Screenshot

One of the requirements was to build the site using modern web design techniques to progressively enhance the site for browsers that are capable. The site uses new CSS3 rules to improve the look & feel of the site for browsers that support it. The site was also built to be responsive depending on the device, view the site on a mobile phone or tablet device and the design changes to fully make use of the available space.


TV Show Tracker Web Application

I've been working on an online application built in CakePHP to track the TV Shows I watch. I wanted an easy way of adding Shows and then once I've watched an episode the ability to mark it as seen. The app was finally launched last week and if you're an avid TV Show watcher as I am then get registering and check out my TV Show Tracker.

TV Show Tracker by Double Ace Design

One of the major features that I wanted from the initial planning stages is for the application to be accessible from mobile devices such as the iPhone & iPad so that I could mark watched episodes straight from the sofa. This has been accomplished and the app is really easy to use on any device.


iPhone, iPad & Mobile optimised websites

If you're viewing this site on an iPhone or an iPad you will be seeing a version that has been optimised specifically for the device. This should also hold true for other mobile devices (however I've been unable to test these I've only have an iPhone & iPad) by using a technique called Responsive Web Design.

Optimised for iPad & iPhone Websites

The purpose of this technique as the name suggests is to have a responsive website that will change and adapt no matter what device you're using including changes for landscape & portrait views. The term is quite a buzzword at the moment and uses new CSS3 specific queries to target devices based on their width. If you resize your browser and reload the page you can see this in action.


Double Ace Design website & blog launched

The Double Ace Design website was successfully launched a few weeks ago and I've updated it to include a company blog so that the site can be updated more frequently with the latest company news and other web related topics.

Double Ace Design Website Front Page

Traffic has been slow and steady as expected and I'm using Google Analytics to track site visitors and a relatively new service called Gaug.es that tracks visitors in real time which is extremely useful. It is a paid service but it's superb at seeing who is currently on your website, where they came from and what's currently popular.